Ubisoft defends Anno 2070’s DRM

Publisher Ubisoft has once again been forced to defend the DRM it chose to implement in one of its PC titles.

MCV reported earlier this weekthat strategy title Anno 2070 uses a limited activation system. This in itself is not uncommon but it transpires that if a user changes any internal components on their PC the new setup will be registered as another system, requiring a further activation.

The game is limited to three activations with no way of manually removing old activations.

While it’s correct that copies of Anno include three activations and that changing hardware may trigger the need for reactivation, the vast majority of Anno customers never encounter this scenario,” Ubisoft toldRock Paper Shotgun.

On the rare occasion when a customer does need additional activations, Ubisoft customer service is available to quickly resolve the situation, and we encourage those customers to contact us directly so that we can ensure they are able to continue to enjoy their game.”

Anti DRM activists argue that such restrictions simply encourage users to obtain pirated games, as they’re not burdened with such limitations.

Rights holders argue that DRM is a vital tool in protecting their IP from pirates.

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