Ubisoft enters core football genre

Ubisoft has ramped up its efforts in the sport genre with the announcement of its first core football title.

Pure Football is due for release in May – coinciding nicely with the World Cup – and is being developed by Ubisoft Vancouver. The game boasts a more serious tone than last year’s Wii-exclusive Academy Of Champions.

The new IP is a five-a-side football game and features an over-the-shoulder camera, as opposed to the traditional TV broadcast-style perspective. It will feature a dedicated single-player campaign, local and online multiplayers and leaderboards.

The publisher also announced it will release Shaun White Skateboarding – a spin-off of its established snowboarding series – this Christmas.

As with previous Shaun White titles, this will feature the two-time Olympic gold medallist and is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

The planned formats for each game has yet to be confirmed.

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