Ubisoft enters toys-to-life market with Star Link: Battle for Atlas

In an evening of surprises and unexpected reveals, Ubisoft continued on this theme at its E3 press conference by announcing a brand-new toys-to-life title, Star Link: Battle for Atlas, a brand-new IP from its Toronto studio.

Using phsyical (and digital) starship figures, players can control a team of star pilots in a massive, living star system as they fight to save the world of Atlas from destruction.

The figures can be customised on the fly to add extra armour or heavy weapons to help them out during an intense space battle, but if you don’t fancy engaging in high speed space battles and out-running a gang of space pirates through an asteroid field, there will also be a more leisurely route in the game that lets players explore the world’s ancient secrets. Whatever your preferred play style is, the core of the game is centred around the freedom to do what you want, said Ubisoft.

Launching this autumn, the game will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, with Switch players having the added bonus of being able to play the game on the go.

Rather than incorporating a base a la Skylanders, though, it looks as though Star Link will mount its figures directly onto each platform’s respective controller.

In the case of the Switch, it looks like players will be able to use special Joy-Con mounts that sit in the centre of your two controllers. You’ll then be able to add additional parts to these mounts, such as character models and ship parts to customise your craft.

PS4 players, meanwhile, will have the craft sitting in the middle of the Dualshock – although it’s not quite clear from the trailer whether it involves a separate mount or accessory. On Xbox One, it looks like a kind of clamp is involved that raises the figure above the main pad (see main picture).

See it in action below:

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