Star Wars developer confirms Clint Hocking is working on a new project

Ubisoft Montreal creative director joins LucasArts

Clint Hocking, the recently departed creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, has joined LucasArts to work on a new, unannounced project.

Hocking left Ubisoft Montreal back in May, claiming he was desperate to find a new challenge.

“I need to walk on hot coals and sleep on a bed of nails,” he said. “I need to chew on broken glass. I need to drink paint.”

That challenge is now being sought at LucasArts, a company that has recently lost its own major players. Star Wars games producer Haden Blackman, having been with the studio for over thirteen years, left the company last month.

Two months prior, in May, it had emerged that LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez resigned from his position at the studio, reportedly along with several members of his executive team.

Having lost Blackman in particular, LucasArts may benefit tremendously from hiring an experienced project lead. Hocking worked at Ubisoft Montreal for nine years, on projects such as Splinter Cell and Far Cry 2, while growing into the important role of creative director.

“We are pleased to announce that Clint Hocking has joined LucasArts as creative director on an unannounced project,” a company spokesperson told GameSpot.

Ubisoft Montreal – which is thought to have a workforce of around 1,200 staff – has undergone a transformation in the last twelve months.

Former executive producer at the studio Jade Raymond moved to new studio Ubisoft Toronto to become its managing director, taking with her a core team of around forty developers and engineers.

Meanwhile, Develop understands that the distinguished creator of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Patrice Désilets, is in the process of leaving the publisher. It has been rumoured that he is joining rival publisher THQ.

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