UBISOFT: New Ghost Recon is Ubisoft’s most ambitious open world game yet

Tom Clancy: Ghost Recond Wildlands was the big surprise at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference today.

The third-person shooter is Ubisoft’s most ambitious open world yet. It is bigger than any previous open world Ubisoft game, and each of the world’s characters and enemies are designed to have their own jobs and personal lives. The idea is to create those individual moments that no other players can explore.

The game will also feature various vehicles, including boats, cars, planes and helicopters.

It is a four player co-op game (it’s also a solo experience), but players don’t even have to play the same mission, they can simply be in the same world doing entirely different things.

Gamers can complete missions in any order, there is no linearity to the story whatsoever. And the choices players make in terms of influencing in-game factions can significantly alter the world they inhabit.

The title is due for all new-gen platforms and is being worked on by Ubisoft Paris.

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