UBISOFT: New Just Dance lets you use your mobile as a controller

Ubisoft has unveiled two new Just Dance games at E3.

The first is Just Dance 2015, which will launch on all platforms (including Wii U) and features all the enhancements you’ve come to expect from the annual product. Now gamers can appear in the game themselves and others can dance along with them. It’s due in October.

But the really interesting new game is Just Dance Now. This title is playable on Smart TVs, laptops, PCs, tablets… basically any screen with an internet connection. And players control the action by using their smartphone, effectively, as a Wii Remote.

Just make sure they don’t slip out of your hands.

It’s a smart move by Ubisoft. Since the decline of Wii, the console market has failed to significantly attract mass market consumers and as a result Just Dance sales have been declining year-in year-out.

But smartphones are a mass market product, and this concept has the potential to reach a much larger market. And speaking of which this game can have thousands of people playing it at the same time. The firm says it’s a ‘revolution’ in latency free gaming. Which is nice.

No word yet on how the game will be monetised. It will be free to begin with. We are betting on extra tracks requiring microtransactions, although it’s possible that the mobile app may be the only payment.

Just Dance Now launches next year, Just Dance 2015 is out in time for Christmas.

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