Publisherâ??s CEO Yves Guillemot indicates a move away from the Wii and towards Sony and Microsoft

Ubisoft studios given 15 Natal and Wand projects

Microsoft and Sony’s motion controllers were given a ringing endorsement today with Ubisoft pledging to release as many as fifteen standalone launch-window titles for the upcoming peripherals.

CEO Yves Guillemot told investors during an otherwise shaky financial earnings call that the group would release around ten games for Microsoft’s Natal camera during its first six months of launch.

"We expect four to five games for [Sony’s unnamed motion controller]," Guillemot added. "That’s the picture at the moment. It can change in the next 12 months."

Ever the opportunist in the field of mass-market gaming, Guillemot suggested that the motion-controlled games will be targeted towards a casual audience; certainly a winning formula for the publisher in past ventures. He indicated that over half of these titles will be new IP.

Guillemot clarified that these 15 new games will all be dedicated motion control titles, and not part of a wider array of Ubisoft franchises that will incorporate motion control though remain tied to the pad.

Ubisoft’s earning’s call revealed that the firm had made a £71.2 ($117) million operating loss for the first half of the financial year. The Paris-headquartered company has shown less success with its Wii strategy, as Nintendo’s console continues to stutter in sales and confidence.

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