Publisher claims breach of contract

Ubisoft sues Black Eyed Peas for $1m

Ubisoft has filed suit against the Black Eyed Peas claiming the company is in breach of contract concerning a game licensing deal.

The license agreement was allegedly signed in March 2011, granting Ubisoft exclusive rights to make a video game based on an undisclosed music group.

According to Courthouse News the contract stated that BEP would notify Ubisoft if a submitted game had been approved within ten business days.

The publisher claims it submitted an iOS game in March of this year, but has not heard back from BEP.

The lawsuit states that this constitutes breach of contract and seeks damages on behalf of the developer for over $1 million.

Though the game was not named, the suit mentions a Wii version was released in October 2011, which most likely means the title in question is an iOS port of the Just Dance franchise.

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