Ubisoft suggests PS4 pre-orders are ahead of Xbox One

There have been more pre-orders for PS4 than Xbox One, Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot has suggested.

CVG reports that the exec told investors last night that: "Even if the PS4 is in front of Xbox One pre-orders… we are not worried at all. We think [Xbox One] will be a best-seller as well."

Sony has previously confirmed 1m pre-orders for PS4, although it has since been suggested this number has risen to 1.5m units.

Regardless of the actual numbers, interest in both machines is known to be well ahead of what was seen with both PS3 and Xbox 360. Both consoles are expected to be global sell-outs at launch.

IHS yesterday predicted sales of 2.4m units for PS4 and 2.2m units for Xbox One by the end of 2013. But 2017 it believes Sony will have sold 49m units and Xbox One 38m units.

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