Ubisoft unveils a number of Splinter Cell Blacklist Special Editions

As is seemingly the way with modern console gaming, Ubisoft has unveiled four Special edition versions of upcoming sneak-em-up Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

First up is The 5th Freedom Edition, which is exclusive to GAME in the UK and GameStop in Ireland. It includes a 24cm Sam Fisher statue, a graphic novel and a host of DLC including five extra bits of gear (such as Amber Goggles), five suits and five weapons.

The 5th Freedom Silver Edition is a uPlay exclusive and includes everything found in the full Freedom Edition minus some of the DLC.

The Ultimate Edition, which is not exclusive to any particular retailer, comes with a Special-ops Digital Watch, a smaller graphic novel and just a couple of bits of DLC.

Finally there’s the Upper Echelon Day 1 Edition, which is a GAME exclusive in the UK and an Xtravision exclusive in Ireland and offers five pieces of DLC.

There will also be extra free content to anyone who pre-orders the title, while those who order from Amazon get a bit more on top.

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