UK Government-backed professional eSports association launches

A not-for-profit British eSports association has been launched, and it’s been backed by the UK Government.

Located at Pinewood Studios, the association will act as the National Governing Body for eSports and work alongside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Its goal is to represent and support professional players, as well as provide ‘the infrastructure to create future British global champions’, the announcement said.

The British eSports Association will be chaired by Andy Payne, with Chester King taking the CEO position.

The association comes with a brand new website,, on which gamers can send ideas on what can be done to grow eSports in the UK.

Pinewood Studios’ head of business development Jules Robinson commented: The establishment of the British eSports Association is an important initiative in furthering the credibility of the eSports industry in the UK. Pinewood is excited to be part of this National Governing Body for eSports and is aiming to have a new National Training Centre for eSports to help with grassroots and future British Champions.”

Andy Payne added: I am an admirer of the work of other sports associations such as British Cycling, and I am very confident that if we welcome and embrace all parties in the UK eSports scene, we can deliver a range of benefits to all players, from professional to amateur in the UK over time. These are exciting times in eSports and the time is right to build this organisation from the grassroots up.”

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