UK Xbox One pre-orders ahead of PS4, although PS4 enjoys post Xbox spike

MCV has received word from retail sources that pre-orders for the Xbox One are tracking ahead of PS4 in many UK stores.

In fact, one told us that in the 24 hours after Xbox One’s reveal last week the total number of pre-orders it received for Microsoft’s machine outstripped the total number of PS4 pre-orders it had accrued since Sony’s reveal in February.

There is some good news for Sony – the same sources revealed a significant increase in PS4 pre-orders in the day following the Xbox One reveal.

The consensus is that many gamers were waiting until they’d had a look at both machines before making their buying decision.

The numbers may well some surprise some online onlookers who have seemed to delight in revelling in the PR mess Microsoft has created itself since last week’s reveal.

But they should also serve as a reminder that the angry internet masses are often not representative of the wider buying public.

UPDATE: Due to the apparent uproar that ensued at the use of the word "some" in the headline, we have removed it. We used the word "some" as we have only spoken to "some" retailers, not all of them. But if a less specific headline will appease readers then so be it.

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