Universal PS3 Trophy support thrown into doubt


claims that the PS3’s entire software catalogue

will eventually boast support for PS3’s new Trophy system, three developers have now come out and stated that they will not be patching their existing titles.

Infinity Ward has said on its forum that it has no plans to patch Call of Duty 4, adding that it would had loved to had the functionality been around for launch.

Also jumping on the doubt bandwagon is 2K Games, which has stated that Trophy support will not be added to Civilzation Revolutions. In addition, IGN reports that Insomniac currently has no plans to patch either Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction or Resistance: Fall of Man, though the upcoming Resistance 2 is scheduled to offer Trophy support.

Developers who have stated they will be patching older titles include EA and Naughty Dog.

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