Unravel developer says EA is ‘the friendly giant’

EA may have a poor reputation amongst some gamers. But according to the creator of Unravel, the publisher is not the villain that some people seem to think.

Coldwood Interactive’s Martin Sahlin told The Observer newspaper that he had expected to be ‘bullied’ by EA when the firm tried to sign his game – the 2D platformer Unravel. But he was pleasantly surprised.

Patrick [Soderlund, EA Games boss] heard that we were making this game and wanted to meet,” Sahlin said.

We are a really small company from a small city in a small country. We are a little dot on the little dot on the little dot. If you come from that perspective, you are used to being bullied. So going into a meeting like that was a bit scary. But it turned into Patrick pitching EA to us.

EA doesn’t need us. They have all the monies. So there is no financial need for them to make this, but there is a creative need. It’s our passion project but it feels like it’s their passion, too.

They’ve been the friendly giant, which honestly was a surprise to us.”

Unravel is due on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 9th.

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