Updated tech also supports Apple's Wii U-like multi-display

Unreal Development Kit expands to Mac OS X

The Unreal Development Kit (UDK) can now build both apps and games on Apple’s Mac operating systems, engine vendor Epic Games has announced.

A new update to the free-to-use engine will allow UDK customers to create builds that can be released across both Mac and PC. The tech also supports Apple’s smartphone platform iOS.

UDK’s games development process for Mac “is virtually identical” to building for PC, Epic said, though the packaging and deployment process requires a additional steps.

“Every UDK game’s potential user base has increased dramatically yet again,” Epic said.

The UDK platform is only available for developers with access to Windows, however.

The Mac support comes as part of a wider update to UDK, with the tech now supporting multi-Display support for iOS (pictured below).

Here, developers can interact between iPad, iPhone and television in a manner that resembles Nintendo’s next generation console, Wii U.

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