Epic Games claims this is the biggest point release yet for high-end engine

Unreal Engine 4.7 adds foliage lighting and automatic asset importing

Unreal Engine users can now download version 4.7 of the powerful game engine, which adds a variety of new visual and functional features.

Highlights include realistic foliage lighting for a system that has now been optimised for large open worlds, the ability to add components directly to actors placed in your level, and the option to automatically import any meshes, sounds and textures needed for your project.

The Windows version also adds support for HTML5 and WebGL, allowing devs to run their game in a compatible browser with a single click. Mac users are also now able to build, cook and deploy Android games.

There are 38 changes that were suggested by the community of UE4 devs. You can check out a full breakdown of additions over at the Unreal blog.

"Unreal Engine 4.7 is our biggest release yet, with the power to render huge numbers of instanced objects in large worlds, beautiful rendering of leaves and foliage, HDR texture support and in-editor animation editing, along with hundreds of optimisation and improvements," the firm’s Brandon Sieprawski wrote on the blog.

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