Unrest arrives on Steam on 26th June

Indian indie developer Pyrodactyl will release its adventure RPG, Unrest, via Steam on 26th June.

Unrest is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and aside from Steam, the game is also currently available for preorder via the developer’s website.

The DRM-free version is priced $15, while the Special Edition, which also includes the soundtrack, is priced $25.

Unrest takes place in a fictional setting within ancient India and deals with issues such as famine, poverty, and social uprising. The game is heavily focussed on storytelling, with the player’s choices heavily influencing its progress.

Players will assume the role of several diverse characters, including a peasant, a princess in hiding, a priest, a slum dweller, and a mercenary captain.

Unrest employs a dynamic dialogue system and player choice is so vital that the game will continue on even if one of the central characters dies.

Unrest is set for release on PC, Mac and Linux. Check out the game’s characters trailer below.

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