Until Dawn sales ‘surpassed expectations’, sequel ‘in discussion’

PS4-exclusive horror game Until Dawn could be set for a second instalment.

The title, developed by UK-based Supermassive Games, placed second in the UK retail charts following its release in late August.

Its popularity was partially driven by the utilisation of its branching ‘butterfly effect’ narrative, which allows different characters to live and die based on player decisions, as well as its popularity among YouTube and Twitch live streamers.

The new PlayStation IP far outpaced sales predictions, selling out in multiple stores, Supermassive executive producer Pete Samuels told PlayStation Lifestyle.

It’s definitely surpassed expectations,” he said.

Reports of significant retail outlets running out of stock during the first weeks after release kind of supports that.”

Samuels added that Until Dawn’s success was likely to breed a follow-up, but added that at least one different title would bridge the gap to a sequel.

You should expect the team to build on what we’ve done with Until Dawn, whether it’s in horror or in other genres,” he explained.

We’re already working on one thing that does that, whilst exploring other avenues for our other teams in anticipation of them finishing their current projects.”

Samuels concluded by stating that the first Until Dawn’s undefined ending would make a direct sequel unlikely, adding that a new instalment would be some way off in terms of release.

We do talk internally about what Until Dawn 2 could be, as it clearly can’t be a sequel in the traditional sense, with the same characters facing the same threat – not least of which because in different stories some or all of them are already dead,” he detailed.

We’ve investigated other ways we could do Until Dawn 2, but it probably is a little early to be discussing that.”

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