Upcoming horror game The Flock will end when players have died too much

A new horror game from Dutch developers Vogelsap will no longer be playable once fan deaths reach a set number.

The title has gamers playing as members of The Flock, a race on the brink of extinction. Every time a player dies, the total population of the game decreases by one.

A counter keeping record of this information will be in the game’s menu, as well as its Steam store page, Vogelsap’s website and the game’s subreddit. When the count reaches zero, the game will no longer be purchasable.

Only players who own the game will be able to take part in the game’s ‘climactic finale’, and after the game ends, it will no longer be available for purchase.

The game is set for a Q3 2015 release on PC.

A multiplayer game can take players to incredible heights, but at some point gamers will start to play less, get disinterested and stop playing altogether,” said the game’s creative director, Jeroen Van Hasselt.

In opposition to other multiplayer games, we want The Flock’s experience to inspire a sense of awe, to keep players eagerly anticipating what is coming next and to end with a memorable climax.”

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