UPDATE: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare blocks SharePlay on PS4

PS4 owners are not able to use Sony’s new SharePlay feature to access Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

GameSpot reports that the gameplay footage is censored on the console owned by the user attempting to remotely stream the gameplay.

Sony has previously said that the feature would be usable on all PS4 titles and had suggested that third parties would not have the option to opt out.

However, a ‘censor’ option is built into the system that was designed with the intent of allowing publishers to prevent spoilers being displayed on a guest’s screen. What appears to have happened is that Activision has extended this across the entire game.

When approached by GameSpot, neither Sony nor Activision commented on the situation.

Why would a publisher do this? Well, while SharePlay sessions are limited to 60 minutes per session they are not limited, so in theory a user can stream an entire game from a friend’s console without ever paying for it.

There are not known instances of this occurring on any other PS4 titles thus far.

UPDATE: Sony has confirmed that publishers DO have the option of disabling SharePlay for their titles should they choose.

"Share Play is a system level feature enabled by System Software Update 2.0 making it available for all PS4 titles," the company told GameSpot. "However the option is available to developers to disable the feature according to what they feel will best benefit the consumer experience."

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