UPDATE: Unpaid intern receives payment following suit against Sony

Sony has settled in a lawsuit brought against the company by former intern Chris Jarvis.

The Independent reports Jarvis will receive 4,600 for his services with Sony, after reporting the firm to the British customs authority.

Jarvis was hired by SCE Cambridge in 2012 to perform unpaid intern duties; only instead Jarvis claims he was asked to work around eight hours a day, five days a week for three months as a tester on the studio’s in-development titles.

He was allegedly told that his intern status effectively made him a volunteer employee by his bosses, and was thus not due compensation.

A case was scheduled to be heard in front of a tribunal, but Sony opted to settle outside of court – awarding Jarvis 1,000 more than what he originally filed suit for.

UPDATE: An MCV commenter points out that Sony originally tried to get Jarvis to sign a gagging order as part of the settlement, but apparently dropped the requisite prior to the terms being officialy agreed upon. Apologies for the oversight.

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