UPDATED: Xbox One headset rumours dismissed

UPDATE 2:The source, who has requested to remain anonymous, has now retracted their statement to a simple "no comment". So we’re none the wiser, if we’re being honest. Lots of other sites have had it suggested to them that the headset rumour isn’t true, however.

UPDATE 1:It has been confirmed to MCV that the listing was an error and that Microsoft has not altered its plans not to include a headset with the Xbox One.

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft has made another Xbox One U-turn, this time regarding the console’s headset.

Just last week it was revealed that the peripheral would not be included with the 429 console and would have to be purchased separately. At the time the platform holder pointed out that players could instead use the microphone integrated in the new Kinect to communicate with others online.

Now a GEM insert called The Future In Storesent to retail readers in this week’s copy of MCV today reveals that a revised spec sheet for the machine says that a headset will in fact be included in the SKU.

Note too that Microsoft had already back-tracked on its statement that Xbox 360 headsets would not be compatible. It now says it is producing an adapter for exactly that purpose.

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