US: Dantes Inferno gets Super Bowl ad

Two days ahead of its North American release next Tuesday (Feb 9th), EA has confirmed that a 30 second TV ad will run during the fourth quarter of the region’s highest profile annual sports event – the Super Bowl.

With an estimated reach of nearly 100m viewers, EA will be sharing the break with the likes of Mazda, Kia and mobile operator Sprint.

Even within the spectrum of live sports events, the Super Bowl stands apart, almost as a national holiday,” EA president Frank Gibeau stated.

The Super Bowl is a bull’s-eye in terms of cross-over to our core demographic and the reach is outstanding. Not only does it draw 100 million viewers, but most people watch the Super Bowl live, a rarity in the world of DVRs.

While digital outreach to Facebook, Twitter, and online bloggers is a core part of our marketing strategy, we felt that advertising during the Super Bowl is an excellent way to introduce this new IP to a massive cross-section of people who are likely already familiar with the dark and twisted Divine Comedy.”

Dante’s Inferno is due out in the UK for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP on February 5th.

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