US: Sony announces PS3 warranty deal

Consumers in the US are now being offered the chance to extend the standard one-year warranty of the PS3 or PSP thanks to a brand new Sony initiative called the PlayStation Protection Plan.

The cover can be purchased for either the PS3, PSP-3000 or PSPgo. A one-year extension for a PS3 costs $49.99 and a two-year extension $59.99. PSP cover cost $20 less per package, with an additional accidental damage policy available for $10. All shipping and repair costs are included.

The PlayStation brand has long been synonymous with the highest quality in engineering and design, and it’s because of the reliability of the PS3 and PSP systems that we can offer the PlayStation Protection Plan,” SCEA’s VP of operations Glenn Nash stated.

We have heard from consumers that they’re interested in an extended service plan that’s backed directly by SCEA and leverages our technical expertise.

While both the PS3 and PSP systems are designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles, we’re looking forward to offering this service to consumers looking for added peace of mind.”

Sony already has a robust returns policy in the UK that has dealt well with the limited problems caused by the not-so-controversial ‘Yellow Light of Death’.

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