USB storage support for 360?

An upcoming update for Xbox 360 will allow owners to use USB memory devices, documents obtained by Joystiq are said to claim.

USB drives of up to 16GB (and a minimum of 1GB) will be supported, with users able to define how much of their USB device will be used for Xbox 360 and how much will be left alone for other uses.

Up to two USB memory cards can be used, allowing for a maximum of 32GB additional storage on top of the Xbox 360 hard drive.

There won’t be any restrictions on the type of content stored on the device, either, with gamer’s able to store games saves, Xbox Live Arcade titles and even game installs on their drives.

Microsoft is said to be making the move due to increased market penetration of high-capacity, high throughput USB mass storage devices, a 2010 Xbox 360 system update”. It will also negate the need for the platform holder to include own-brand memory cards in future Xbox 360 SKUs.

Joystiq also adds that the move will see MS officially withdrawing from the memory card market, though tellingly not from the far more lucrative Xbox 360 HDD sector.

The rumours are perhaps a little more credible after recent leaks concerning what could be the initial designs for an Xbox 360 Slim – a redesign rumoured to be accompanying the launch of Natal later this year.

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