'No silver bullet' for gun violence, says US Vice President

Video: Biden says games aren’t being singled out

Video games aren’t being singled out as the cause of US gun violence, US Vice President Joe Biden has assured game makers.

His remarks came as part of a meeting with industry leaders called to discuss possible solutions to violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

"We know that there’s no silver bullet – as one of my friends said – no seat belt you can put on to assure that we will not be in this circumstance again, but I ask the cabinet to come together: the attorney general, Homeland Security, Department of Education, Health and Human Services, etc. – because we know this is a complex problem," said Biden.

"We know there is no single answer and quite frankly we don’t even know whether some of the things people think impact on this actually impact on it or not.

The decision to attend the meetings has proved controversial for game makers, and most of Biden’s time was taken up in listing other bodies who had been called on for help.

"I want you to know you have not been ‘singled out’ for help, but we’ve asked a whole lot of people," said Biden as he placed a hand on EA CEO John Riccitiello’s shoulder.

The Vice President listed youth organizations, law enforcement bodies, and lobbyist groups such as the NRA as among those attending similar meetings.

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