VIDEO: Bungie finally details Destiny… sort of

A worldwide embargo on Bungie’s Destiny lifted yesterday to reveal… well, not a huge amount about the game, if we’re being honest.

What is clear is that Destiny, Bungie’s first project since leaving behind the world-beating Halo series, is a hugely ambitious title. Or series of titles, spanning a number of platforms.

PS3 and Xbox 360 are confirmed along with future generation technology”. PC seemingly misses out, although comments given to Examiner suggest a PC version could yet be on the cards.

But what of the game itself? The truth is that despite flying half of the world’s games press over to see the project, we’re not much the wiser than we were before.

No gameplay was shown (aside from a few seconds crammed into the video below), with most of the time given into explaining the game and studio’s philosophy”.

As disappointing as the reveal was in many ways, however, what was said sounded hugely promising.

Destiny will take place in a persistent online world and will require an internet connection to work. It is not, however, an MMO. Activision execs went to great lengths to stress this, adding that it will not rely on subscription fees. We’ll have to wait and see what the plan is regarding microtransactions.

Indeed, so vague are the specifics about the game that neither publisher nor developer can pin down a genre, although it looks very much like an FPS to us – albeit a wildly ambitious one, with co-op very much at the heart of it. Single players will be able to play the game from start to finish, too.

There is one other detail – Bungie has done away with the main menu. What on earth that means or how it works will be revealed in time.

So the truth is that we’ll have to wait a while longer to fully get our heads around what Destiny really is. The upcoming reveal of the next-gen ought to expedite things, with Bungie able to wheel out its proper game assets.

But with a ten-year contract under its belt and huge financial backing from Activision, Destiny remains one of the industry’s hottest properties and we can’t wait to hear more.

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