Video games are terrorists

Oh dear. Just as this industry begins to believe that even the most ardent video games heathens have been convinced of the sheer joy of it all… the American Christian right shatters the illusion with a disgracefully entertaining attack, likening consoles to ‘terrorists’.

Making Anne Diamond look like Shigeru Miyamoto, Ron Luce – columnist for US newspaper The Christian Post – has compared the effect of youngsters having a console in their bedroom to ‘inviting a sex predator into your home’.

Luce (pictured) kicks off his stunning waterfall of nonsense with: A man knocks on your door. As soon as you answer, you recognize him from the posters around town. He’s a known thief and sexual predator of young girls who has just escaped from prison.”

Personally, we’d shut the door there, but Ron persists: He asks if he can go into your teens’ bedroom to hang out with them for a while. Of course you say, No way!”… [But] if we, under any circumstances, wouldn’t let that man into the rooms of our kids (whether male of female) why would we let a computer reside in our kids’ bedrooms?”

The breathless barrage of idiocy continues: You may be surprised at how many ‘terrorists’ there are in your home right now.”

Is it us, or are terrorists-in-inverted-commas even more frightening than the real deal? It kind of gives them an air of mystery they’ve up until this day been missing out on…

Before you have the chance to call the feds and put a padlock on your offspring’s vitals, however, Ron clarifies his heart-in-mouth statements: Video games, computers, cell phones, teen magazines, music, TV, & movies: all of which fall under the umbrella of entertainment and all are likely perpetrators.

"Every time we let unsupervised media into our homes and into our kids’ minds, we have invited in a terrorist.”

Scary stuff… but even scarier to consider that the piece was read by close to 150,000 North Americans this morning – not to mention those getting their fix online.

He continues:

If you let the wrong things in, these terrorists will seduce your kids, impart harmful values and, in doing so, inject poison into your kids’ worldview that could follow them for the rest of their lives.” (Harmful values like questioning a strict Christian belief system, Ron?)

Unsurprisingly, he concludes the opinion piece by encouraging readers to remove the terrorists from your home”.

Tell us what you make of it all below.

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