VIDEO: Here’s Mariah Carey’s Game of War ad

As rumoured in June, Mariah Carey is the new celebrity face/cleavage of Machine Zone’s mobile hit Game of War.

Furthermore, the first short to feature the R&B songstress can be seen below, as spotted by Eurogamer. Be warned though – Mariah’s involvement is quite fleeting.

Carey replaces the game’s current celebrity Kate Upton, the likeness of which you will almost have definitely seen on several occasions providing you have at any stage accessed the internet or used a smartphone.

Reports last month pegged Carey’s deal as being worth seven figures. The 30-second ad was shot over the space of two days which and was directed by Terminator Genisys’ Alan Taylor. The report also correctly predicted the use of Carey’s music – in this instance, 1993’s Hero.

Here’s the video:

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