VIDEO: Metal Gear Solid V’s debriefing could be Kojima’s final farewell

Is this the end?

With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain now finally out worldwide, Konami and series’ creator Hideo Kojima have released what is described as a ‘debriefing’ video.

The first half of the short is actually little more than self-congratulatory praise-mongering, with various bods associated with the Metal Gear games listing all the reasons why Kojima is awesome.

After that, we see Kojima himself visiting the house and family of the late Sean Gillespie. He wrote to Kojima late on in the game’s development but sadly passed away before the game was completed. Kojima says that this proved a source of inspiration for the studio.

Rest assured that I’ve been working on making MGSV the best it can be, balancing and tweaking right up until the very end,” Kojima said. Players will not be disappointed. I’m sorry it took so long. But I feel we’ve created something very special and I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you all.”

What happens next is anyone’s guess. Is this the end for Kojima and Konami’s long-term partnership? Or for Metal Gear? Or will everyone kiss and make up and start planning Metal Gear VI?

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