VIDEO: Microsoft explores new Xbox One controller

A new video from Microsoft details some of the improvements made in Xbox One’s new joypad.

There’s lots of details in the seven-minute clip, offering an insight into not only the structural design of the device but also the thoughts that led to some of the changes.

For instance, Microsoft removed all of the old controller’s visible screws and screw holes after it found that some gamers would start to find them uncomfortable after extended play.

The pads also have infrared LEDs that allow Kinect to tell when a controller is passed between players and can thusly switch profiles accordingly.

Microsoft also reckons that the new pads have 20x more bandwidth than the older ones when it comes to communicating with the console and that this has reduced latency, although specific numbers aren’t given.

Every controller has a mini-USB port and when plugged in its wireless functionality is deactivated, automatically converting it to being a wired controller.

You can see it all below:

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