VIDEO: The Dishonored launch trailer

It’s only two days away now, but you can watch the launch trailer for Bethesda’s Dishonored right now.

Reviews for the game went live earlier this week and suggest that the stealth romp could well be one of the most critically acclaimed games of the year. It’s currently averaging an impressive 89 per cent on Metacritic.

The game, developed by Arkane Studios, is a first person outing that puts a tremendous amount of choice into gamers’ hands.

It’s set in the steampunk-inspired city of Dunwall with players assuming the role of Corvo, a man framed for the murder of the Empress. Using an array of powers gamers are free to hide or fight their way through an incredibly rich campaign.

Dishonored is released in the UK this Friday (October 12th).

Here’s the video:

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