VIDEO: The new Doom is going back to the series’ bloody, brutal roots

It’s Doom by name, Doom by nature, if the first gameplay of Bethesda’s next horror-shooter is anything to go by.

Revealed at the publisher’s pre-E3 press conference, Doom appears to be harkening back to the fast-paced gameplay of its eponymous predecessor, in comparison to the later survival-horror aspects of following instalments in the franchise, such as Doom 3.

But that’s not to say it’s all old hat – the ultraviolent shooting is accompanied by new equally gory melee finishing moves, which play out in brutal slow motion.

Naturally, many of the series’ iconic armaments make a return, with the shotgun, rocket launch and BFG among those teased in the on-stage gameplay.

Enemies from Doom’s history also make a graphically-enhanced return, including a final cliffhanger cameo.

Doom will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One early next year.

Take a look at the game below:

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