VIDEO: Ubisoft says it will learn from Assassin’s Creed Unity mistakes

Publisher Ubisoft has very publicly put its hands in the air and admitted that the fierce reception that greeted last year’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity really hurt its workers.

The game managed 70 per cent on Metacritic, which is the lowest of any main game in the series. More worrying however was the huge and at times vicious media coverage that was dedicated to the game’s technical struggles.

A string of patches were released to try and address the issues – which were in fact so severe that Ubisoft’s stock at one began suffered a slide. There was even a revolt in the consumer press over the game’s release day review embargo.

Every year we take risks. This one we maybe have taken too many risks,” one of the developers in the IGN video you can see below admitted. Another added: It’s like your kid being told you’re ugly and you’re fat. And that hurts. Your little heart breaks a little bit.”

Other quotes include:

For people to work so hard on something for four years and then to have the reception that it had you’re leaving a piece of yourself in that thing.”

The worst thing that can happen actually when you release a game is to have one of your bugs becoming the front cover of the entire internet. Nobody’s happy when four years’ of hard work is just imaged with a bug.”

Personally some people took it on themselves that they’d made mistakes but at the same time I do feel for the fans who felt that it somehow didn’t meet their expectations. That’s disappointing as well and that’s something we can never take for granted as a developer.”

All of which has informed upon the development of the next game in the series, which was yesterday officially unveiled as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

Here’s the video:

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