AnvilNext trailer presents stunning battles featuring 2,000 non-player characters on screen at once

VIDEO: Ubisoft shows off Assassin’s Creed 3 engine

Ubisoft has given a tantalising new look at the engine powering the upcoming release of the highly-anticipated Assassin’s Creed 3.

Named AnvilNext, the proprietary technology is a “radically redesigned” development platform made especially for the latest entry in the publisher’s blockbuster series.

The trailer shows off various landscapes, animal and character models throughout the game and states that players could encounter up to 2,000 non-player characters in a single sequence during the game’s stunning battles.

Also featured in the video are wind and water simulations presented during explosive naval battles, as well as dynamic weather systems from all four seasons.

Main character Connor features 1,000 animations, which Ubisoft claims results in the most detailed third-person action character ever created.

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