VIDEOS: Star Wars Battlefront gameplay shown off

Two of the game modes that will feature in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront have been demonstrated in a pair of E3 gameplay demos.

First off, Walker Assault. The video below takes place on the ice planet Hoth, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Players will take control both of the defending Rebels, complete with their Snow Speeders, and the attacking Empire – who have both AT-ST chicken walkers and the mighty AT-AT attack units on their side.

Players will under certain conditions get the chance to pilot the AT-AT, taking control of the guns.

Walker Assault will play differently on different planets. On Endor, for instance, players will be forced to sue the environment to their advantage, staying out of sight among the foliage.

The next mode is Survival. This is a wave mode that can be played solo or with friends (including split-screen multiplayer on consoles) that involves fighting off enemy forces of increasing strength. This mode will be available on all of the game’s planets such as Endor, Hoth and Tatooine.

Here are the videos:

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