VidZone "just as successful as Spotify"

Over two million PS3 owners have downloaded the music streaming app VidZone.

And the team behind the service say they are helping to attract thousands of new users to the platform – even giving comparable services like Spotify a run for their money.

More than two million users have signed up for the free service, watching 200 million videos in just six months – the London-based creators say this makes VidZone the biggest dedicated music video streaming app in the world.

Built via a collaboration with SCEE, VidZone offers content from thousands of independent record labels and many of the major ones.

VidZone’s CEO Adrian Workman told MCV: In any industry, those numbers are phenomenal – it’s a significant milestone. VidZone continues to surge on PS3 and is an incredibly well-received consumer proposition.

In terms of the statistics and the number of users that we have gained, if you compare us to something in the music area, such as Spotify, we are just as successful.

In terms of what we are doing for the PS3 as a games console, we are a very significant proposition.”

Workman said that the increasing popularity of VidZone amongst PS3 users and the music industry is converting thousands over to PlayStation. And users across 18 countries are devoting hours of attention to the service, he added.

What we’re seeing is that the usage of the store is significant to what happens on PC – some users come on and play 10 music videos, and others come on and play 100 videos,” he said. That’s a huge amount of time they spend playing and watching music videos.

We thought people would choose one video at a time but VidZone users are setting up huge playlists and using our pre-programmed one.

And our research shows that often there are multiple people in the room when VidZone is on, so we’re arguably reaching three or four times the amount of downloads we have seen.”

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