Darksiders developer not picked up as publisher assets sold off

Vigil team faces worst after THQ auction

THQ is disbanding, leaving studios like Vigil Games who weren’t picked up in today’s auction in an awkward position.

The Darksiders developer was one of the few studios that didn’t find a buyer, and this leaves its team with little hope of remaining intact.

In an open letter posted on NeoGAF Vigil’s Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton spoke of his sadness at the news his team was probably going to be broken up,

"The seats are empty," he began, describing the scene at a developer that only months before had released one of the year’s most challenging and anticipated games.

"Am I sad? Well yea," wrote Cureton.

"I’ve been in this industry for 20 years. Seriously. Two decades. I’ve been laid off more than once. It sucks every time. But am I sad I don’t have a job? Not really… I’m sure I’ll get another one eventually. I’m sad because it won’t be THIS job."

"That’s why I’m sad. The people I waged war with are no longer together. The people that I bled with, vented with, argued with (often times LOUDLY), and kicked back with… these people will never be together again in the same combination."

Though THQ Brian Farell has said he’s trying to find someone to take in the newly orphaned studios, Cureton doesn’t have much hope it will come through.

"I can only hope that those spared from the other companies remain employed long into the future," Cureton writes.

"In closing, I can only say thank you to the fans of Vigil games. Your support means more than you can imagine. Your feedback (both positive and negative) gave us long-lasting insight that we will all take with us, wherever we may go. You are the reason we made Darksiders 1 &2… and you are the reason we will continue to make games."

Sadly, these great games won’t be made by Vigil, and the studio will be sorely missed.

Develop gives its thoughts and best hopes to all those effected by the events of today and the past few months.

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