‘Virtual items policy’ in the works for PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is negotiating an in-game currency policy for all virtual items traded on PS3, the CEO of CCP Games has said.

Hilmar Pturssontold Developthat the studioexpects that the negotiations will establish pricing tiers of virtual items, as well as the revenue split between Sony and developers.

The talks could pave the way for a more standardised virtual item policy for other third-party developers. It could also open the floodgates on in-game item sales across the PlayStation Network and, in theory, encourage more free-to-play games on PS3.

Furthermore, Dust 514 has yet to be ruled out for sale at retail, CCP confirmed. That in turn could spur Sony to sell custom virtual currency cards in store.David Reid, CCP’s newly promoted marketing executive, said the meetings with Sony have been frequent and fantastic”.

If there is a retail play, Sony has tremendous routes into that. They have PlayStation Network cards sold over the counter. There’s so many ways for us to get our brand everywhere.”

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