Want to be in the cool gang? Hate on Zynga

We all have some inner rage we need to vent off from time to time. The trick is finding a safe target for your anger.

And if you’re employed in the games industry at the moment there’s no safer target than Zynga.

If you ask someone what they thought a casual game was a few years ago, they might have said something like Angry Birds. Now they’ll probably say something like Farmville. I don’t like to lump those social games in with casual games. I think it’s those Zynga-like games that give the ‘casual’ market a bad name.”

Those are the thoughts of Activision co-founder and Pitfall creator David Crane, speaking to Game Informer at the recent Classic Gaming Expo in LA.

Crane also went on the question the notion that casual gaming was a thing that went away and subsequently returned.

I think it’s hilarious because there must have been some kind of miracle, because ten years ago everyone was playing these kinds of games and now everyone forgot they existed just because they’re on phones now,” he added.

I kind of feel like I’ve always made casual games. I make games for people who like to have fun and enjoy games on any level. Games are about diversion; that’s very casual.”

Don’t take this as a criticism of Crane, however. The vitriol being targeted at Zynga is totally understandable. Hell, it’s even got punters singing the praises of EA. Next thing you know MCV readers will be forming a Bobby Kotick Appreciation Society.

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