War Child kicks off Armistice 2017 charity event

Charity War Child has announced the launch of this year’s Armistice event, an annual cross-game partnership that looks to raise money for children in war torn countries by promoting peace in normally violent games. Between now and mid-December, the charity will be running a collection of in-game and external events designed to promote peace.

Armistice 2017 kicks off with a Steam bundle containing a selection of games that promote or include non-violent gameplay options, including This War Of Mine, Democracy 3 and Verdun. Meanwhile World of Tanks has already begun its participation in the festival of peace by making available a special emblem and non-violent in-game consumables.

On November 11th Verdun will take part in a ‘two minute silence’ to pay respect alongside the rest of the world observing Remembrance Day, as well as later releasing a Christmas Truce map, which allows players to throw snowballs, sing Christmas carols, play football and send Christmas cards. Transforming the normally bloody WWI shooter into a snowy love-in.

Beyond that, more titles such as Royal Revolt II and DomiNations will also be participating with their own in-game peacetime offerings. For a full list of in-game events, check out the Armistice microsite, complete with a detailed timeline of each game’s individual olive branches.

Alongside all of this, War Child will be promoting pacifist runs of all games by any XSplit or Twitch streamers interested in getting involved. All in the name of spreading the word of the charity and its mission.

If you’re a developer interested in getting involved with Armistice in 2017 or beyond, you can find more information and get in touch with War Child directly from the Armistice microsite.

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