Warner agency accuses Warner of breaching Warner’s copyright

Well this is embarrassing.

Warner Bros, like most major rights holders, employs people to scour the internet in search of those illegally hosting its copyrighted material. However, current partner Vobile appears to have been a little too thorough with its approach to the problem.

TorrentFreak reports that included among a number of URLs sent to Google for removal from its search results are several that link to the Warner Bros site itself.

In other words, pages relating to The Dark Knight, The Matrix and others from Warner’s own website were flagged up by Warner’s agency as infringing Warner’s copyright and listed for deletion. Upon review Google decided that these URLs would not be blacklisted, unsurprisingly.

Also flagged were product pages on Amazon, listings on the Sky Cinema store and official IMDB pages, all of which simply makes it harder for people to access legitimate sources of content and information, thus promoting illegitimate means.

Apparently Warner has flagged up some 4m+ URLs in 2016 alone, while Vobile’s work has so far reached 13m URLs and counting.

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