Warner Bros veteran Crossley partners with Heaven Media to launch Digital Matters Publishing

A new indie publisher has been launched in the UK. Digital Matters Publishing (DMP) is looking to put marketing front and centre in its bid to support indie games “the kind of resources usually reserved for AAA titles.”

The new publisher is led by some very familiar faces. CEO Spencer Crossley is a UK industry veteran, most notably with ten years as sales and marketing director at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, which he departed from in 2018. Alongside him is Mark Reed, founder and director of Heaven Media, the games and esports marketing agency. 

The concept is that with fierce competition in the indie space, “the importance of marketing in helping a game reach its commercial potential cannot be overstated,” said a statement. “This means treating indie developers like superstars and their games like global franchises, and to help great game experiences find their audience more effectively than ever before.” 

It looks then to bring together Crossley’s extensive publishing experience with Heaven Media’s extensive marketing and PR knowledge. 

Spencer Crossley commented: ‘We’re giving developers access to enormous resources and expertise and more importantly, we’re treating them like the superstars they will become. Through funding for development, marketing expertise, and a wealth of publishing experience, we have the facilities to create success stories, and to get the best out of games and developers.’

The team will be present at the upcoming Develop:Brighton conference to talk to developers. 

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