DC Comics owner looking to enhance the value of its intellectual properties

Warner mulls Rocksteady projects beyond the Bat

Warner Bros is hopeful that its library of prominent IPs will be available to its new development studio Rocksteady.

Yesterday the multimedia entertainment empire announced it had purchased a majority-stake in the promising London-based developer.

It was initially expected that Rocksteady would – in the short-term – act as a dedicated Batman studio. The outfit shot to fame with last year’s Arkham Asylum, and is currently working on a sequel.

But Warner Bros’ long-serving UK president Josh Berger says that the studio will be positioned to work on further IPs.

“Going forward, we hope to have them work on other Warner Bros. intellectual properties,” Berger told VG247.

IPs at Warner Bros.’ disposal include DC Comics and the manifold of characters owned within.

“We have been looking to increase our development capacity and, as a high quality development studio, Rocksteady is a great fit for that strategy,” Berger added.

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