Warner to take back licences in new games blitz

Speaking exclusively to MCV, senior VP of worldwide sales and distribution Ron Scott revealed that plans are in place to take back Warner licences like Superman, Batman, Harry Potter and The Sopranos.

You’ll see a large percentage of Warner properties come on board as we develop the extra capability we need,” he said.

He went on to state that the firm was ready poach the industry’s finest talent, invest heavily in development and leverage its existing distribution network to shake up the status quo.

Having already released two ‘test run’ titles in the US, Warner recently set up shop in London and now has plans to self-publish in the UK and Europe.

But the aggressive push isn’t just reliant upon its existing IP – Warner also plans to cherry pick the best original IP and development studios.

We’re in this for the long haul,” Scott told MCV. It is vital to be a fully-functional publisher. We are not just an arm of a business that is simply going to leverage the movie properties that Warner has – we are going to be a creative force as well.”

And with the might of its existing Home Entertainment empire behind it, Warner is confident that it can sell games based on its own IP more effectively than any licensee.

The ability to cross promote our games product with our movie product in a compelling way will be key,” added Scott. Our home video guys are very keen to target PS3 and 360 owners with next-gen movie formats. There are huge marketing and cross-merchandising possibilities.”

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