Watch the Bethesda’s E3 conference live at 3am UK time right here

Bethesda is holding its second E3 press conference this evening (in LA, this morning in the UK).

This follows last year’s successful event, which saw the full unveiling of Fallout 4.

Here are all the details:

When is it?
For those in Los Angeles, it takes place at a reasonable 7pm. For the UK? It’s a late night I’m afraid. The event kicks off at 3am.

How long is it?
The event is scheduled to last one hour.

Where is it?
For those at E3, it takes place at the LA Hangar. If you want to attend the event in person you’ll need an invite. Doors open at 5pm.

What shall we expect?
We can definitely expect Dishonored 2. The game is a big push for Bethesda ahead of its launch in November. Rumours also point to a new Wolfenstein, Prey, The Evil Within and a possible return to Skyrim. Should be an exciting one.

How can I watch it?
Right here.

Watch live video from Bethesda on

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