Watch the PlayStation Neo and PS4 Slim reveals here

Tonight’s the night.

After a long, long wait, Sony will take to the New York stage tonight to lift the lid on two brand new PlayStation consoles.

Well, we say brand new. The PS4 Slim, amazingly, is already available in the UK, despite having not been officially acknowledged. Expect that to change tonight, however. And don’t be surprised if we get an it’s out right now” type announcement either.

The biggest news of the night, however, will be the first official concrete news about the PS4 Neo.

The high-spec PS4 has been acknowledged by Sony, but everything else we know about it comes from leaks. The biggest lingering questions are when it will be released, how much it will cost and whether Sony has made any last-minute spec changes to ensure that it is not the technological subordinate of Microsoft’s 6TF Xbox Scoprio.

At the very least we should hopefully get the answer to at least one of those questions.

It all kicks off at 8pm UK time tonight. And yes, that does clash with Bake Off, but that’s why we have iPlayer. God bless the BBC. We’ll miss it once it’s gone.

You can watch everything as it happens right here. The PlayStation event, we mean. Not Bake Off. You’ll need to head here for that. Oh and Apple is announcing the next iPhone at 6pm, well before Bake Off.


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