We speak to a new indie outfit dedicated to (yes, thatâ??s right) Mega Drive games

Water Melon on developing for a twenty-year old console

Small indie games might be ten-a-penny in the games industry – but while almost every other developer focuses on current platforms, a young upstart studio is working unpaid on a cartridge-based Mega Drive game.

Yes, a format that has been out of public use for over a decade. But nevertheless the team is currently concentrating a momentous amount of effort on developing and publishing a boxed Mega Drive game.

And it is a viable model for games development, the team has stressed to Develop in a new Q&A.

Speaking to Develop, project leader Tulio Adriano Cardoso Gonçalves said: ‘We hope that this project may inspire more people into taking their projects out of the drawer and turning them into reality. The resources for development today are very easy to reach and all it takes is a lot of will power."

The game, developed by a team working in their spare time across several countries, features technology never seen before in a Mega Drive game, including an expansion to the cartridge technology that functions as a Sega CD add-on.

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