Armature Studio also working on handheld version of Arkham Origins

WB Games Montreal takes Batman Arkham reigns

WB Games Montreal has taken the reigns of the Arkham franchise with the latest entry into the series, Batman: Arkham Origins.

Set several years before the events of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, the title will focus on a young Batman before the rise of Gotham’s most dangerous criminals.

The latest console entry will take advantage of Rocksteady’s custom modified Unreal Engine used in previously entries in the series.

The game is being developed for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, and is expected to be released on October 25th.

As well as a WB Games-developed title, Armature Studio, which worked on the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, is working on a 2.5D game called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. The handheld version will act as a companion game to the console title, allowing player’s to delve deeper into Batman’s backstory.

“Batman: Arkham is a huge triple-A videogame franchise and we are delighted to expand the experience with Batman: Arkham Origins,” said Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president Martin Tremblay.

“WB Games Montréal has an incredibly talented team building upon Rocksteady’s award-winning gameplay and technology to deliver a deep, immersive, quality experience fans will love.”

WB Games Montreal VP Reid Schneider added: “WB Games Montréal is honoured to have the opportunity to create Batman: Arkham Origins, a new chapter in this amazing franchise.

“We are huge fans of the franchise and are committed to creating an experience that offers players more of what they love, as well as the chance to play as a younger Batman within a fresh storyline and expanded world.”

The Batman Arkham series had traditionally been developed by UK studio Rocksteady, which won critical acclaim for both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

Speaking in the latest Game Informer, Rocksteady director Sefton Hill said he was excited to see a new studio take on the series it created, and was confident the team could succeed.

"Rocksteady is excited to see WB Games Montreal developing the prequel to the Batman Arkham franchise," said Hill.

"We are confident this talented team will craft a fantastic experience, bringing the origins of the Arkhamverse to life."

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