We speak to PlayStation, Oculus, Remedy and CCP in this week’s MCV

In this week’s edition of MCV, we talk to PlayStation’s global sales and marketing boss Jim Ryan about the firm’s two new consoles.

Ryan explains the strategy behind the new slimmer version of the PS4, as well as its brand new and powerful PlayStation 4 Pro.

Meanwhile Oculus’ head of content Jason Rubin tells us about the Rift’s retail launch in the UK, and how stores have reacted to the new hardware so far.

Eve Online maker CCP also talks about why it has chosen to open a brand new studio and move its senior management team to London.

This week’s issue also features our 2016 Guide to Games Retail where we have spoken to the biggest stores in the UK to find out who you need to speak to to get your game on shelves.

The full contents of this week’s issue are below:

  • COVER: London’s earning: CCP and Gram Games announce new UK offices
  • INTERVIEW: Sony Interactive Entertainment’s marketing boss Jim Ryan on the firm’s two new consoles
  • INTERVIEW: Oculus’ Jason Rubin on the Rift’s retail launch
  • INTERVIEW: Tero Virtala, Remedy Games’ new CEO, on its bid to make projects faster
  • GAMES RETAIL GUIDE: Everything you need to know about UK games retailers and their key buying personnel
  • DATA: What do gamers really think of free-to-play?
  • INTERVIEW: Merchandise firm BioWorld Europe talks Pokmon Go, womenswear and how publishers can make working with them easier

All this and more in this week’s MCV.

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